Knit One, Purl One

I don’t knit.  I don’t cross-stitch, though fasterthanlight427 made me a sweet, sweet bag tote bag with a certain consulting detective on it…cheekbone shadows and all! I don’t loom. I don’t paint or sculpt. I don’t make paper. I don’t sew or make jewelry. Though there’s nothing wrong with any of these crafts. I don’t have the inclination to take up these hobbies. I’ll leave it to you who has that passion.

What hobbies I do are self-taught either on youtube or reading. What hobbies? Thanks for asking.
I am a self-taught bookbinder, taking a lot my cues from this book. Could I be better at it? Of course. But I don’t have the time, money, or a teacher/mentor to guide me. Some techniques are pretty hardcore and sometimes, the Diabetes gets in the way. (Damn you, Diabetes!!!) But I love creating something. I love the zone I fall into when I’m binding book blocks to the covers. I love the finished product. I love that I can end up using these journals further down the line and recall the giddiness of the finished product.

It’s a wonder that I haven’t given these journals away as presents.

This year I made two waterless snow globes that were like this but with more Doctor Who. I had a blast making them and they looked so cool when I was finished. The recipients seemed to love them and I loved it so much that I’m creating one for our house. It helps that we have a Weeping Angel tree topper made for us by a friend last year.

(Dang, if you haven’t guessed two of my fandoms by now, you’re not paying attention.)


Yes, well. I’d like to get a start on next year’s Christmas gifts (I’m slow at crafting things, shut up.)

In keeping with the Doctor Whotheme, I found ,a href=””>this page and this tumblr filled with ideas. It looks like a lot of needlepoint…and have I mentioned that I don’t do needlepoint?

Oh, well. I have an entire year…well, eleven months to figure something out.


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