Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Huh. Today’s assignment is to:

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing this all along, but hey, an assignment is an assignment, right? Okay, so after this post is finished, I will be dropping by other people’s blogs to check them out and to say hello.

Normally, this would be an absolute chore for me in real life because of my shyness and my being introverted. But since this is the internet the anonymity helps. Of course, we all know the complete and utter harm it can do as well.

Anyway, about (Oh, my god, has it been five years?!?) five years ago, I was starting my graduate program for Non-Profit leadership at one of the universities around here. I thought to myself, “What am I doing here? They’ll find out that I’m a fraud!” It turns out that this is a common phenomenon and not just in grad school. But my wonderful professor gave us a name for it impostor syndrome and gave us a vocabulary for what we were feeling. What she essentially gave us, upon further reflection, was a sense of empowerment. Yes, I know, the term is a bit overused now, but that’s what she gave us and for it, I’m grateful.

Susan Cain gives us a manifesto for introverts. I love this list. It feels like someone else knows what I’m thinking.

15. Love is essential; gregariousness is optional.

It took my husband several years to pull me out of my shell, but (he says) it has been worth it. He knows when I need that alone time and knows when a situation has just become too much. On my part, I have learned to be just a touch more outgoing. I can be talkative…especially at work, where one of my main functions is dealing with the public.

So…I rambled off topic, did I? 🙂 Okay, let’s publish this post and go say hello to people.


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