Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader

[Side note #1: This is in response to today’s assignment. I’m guessing I’m saying that my dream reader is someone who…reads.]

[Side note #2: This is a work of fiction.]

[Side note #3: When I asked, fasterthanlight for a prompt this is what she gave me. Thank you.]

Use all of these objects in your story:
a book report, a slingshot, a bag of old makeup

She sighed, pulling the pins out of the bun and letting her graying hair fall around her tired face. She gently raked her fingers through her hair, feeling the tension escape gleefully from her scalp. She pulled her glasses off, setting them on the table as she let her eyes slip shut, a soft plea to the harsh world that surrounded her and her daily life at the school. The silence rolled around her deserted classroom, the day done, and the school emptying of occupants for the day. She could hear muffled goodbyes coming from the frigid January air outside.

Another day in paradise, she wearily thought as she neatened the book reports, tests, and other various paperwork sitting on her already immaculate desk. When did I get so old, she thought as she toed off her high heels. She murmured a quiet word of thanks as her feet throbbed.

“Miss Boggs, are you gonna stay here all night,” one of the custodians said, popping her head into her classroom.

“No, Mrs. Kissenger, I’m about ready to pack it up and call it a day,” Miss Boggs replied, putting on a bright smile and waving at the other woman. “Go on, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“Okay, Miss Boggs, see you tomorrow,” Mrs. Kissnger said, a brief look of concern in her eyes.

As soon as the other woman turned her back and left, Miss Boggs sagged further into her seat. She sighed as placed the glasses back on her face, pulling her top drawer open, she nudged aside her old bag of makeup and a confiscated slingshot, reaching for her car keys. She sighed once more, before squaring her shoulders, placing her heels back on and gathered her things to leave the painfully silent school.

Miss Boggs pushed the thought of her cold empty apartment out of her head. Wasted space, wasted opportunity, her mother’s voice said in her head. Miss Boggs frowned, shoving the harsh statement into the back of her mind. Instead of going home and reheating yesterday’s leftovers, Miss Boggs decided to treated herself at the local diner, where she amiably (if a little forced) chatted with the waitress and cook.

The thought of emptiness nagged again at the back of her mind. Empty, empty, empty. The thought haunted Miss Boggs, making her shiver. What to do now? Finding nothing else to do, she wearily made her way back to her apartment. Flipping on the front hall light, the darkness seemed to stretch out in front of her, making her tiny apartment seem cavernous. Miss Boggs shook her head and her apartment become her apartment again.

Taking off her shoes, she turned on all the lights in her apartment to banish the feeling. She smiled a little to herself, pleased with the reaction.

[Side note #4: I’m not entirely sure how to end this. If I can end this. It’s taken me all day to write it with numerous interruptions. But there you go. Like I said at the top of the post, I suppose my dream reader is one who like to read fiction.]


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader

  1. Wow – I’m impressed with what you came up with. I don’t think it needs to end neatly, either – it could be part of a larger thing, or just a thing in itself. Real life doesn’t end neatly. But I’m glad the prompt helped!!


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