Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbor

So, today’s assignment is in regards to commenting on others’ blogs and by commenting they don’t mean “nice job” or “I feel the same way,” etc. It’s meant to engage in a dialogue with the writer of said blog. Oh, and assignment also says to:

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Off to the Reader to find new blogs! Or those “freshly pressed” blogs. I usually find something in there that appeals to me.

They also gave tips on leaving a more meaningful comment:

  • Try to avoid comments that simply say “Great post!” or “Thanks!” — make an effort to add to the discussion.
  • Be specific about why you enjoyed the post.
  • Ask a relevant question.
  • Respectfully offer a counterpoint. (And because it can’t be overstated: respectfully.)
  • Share a related experience.
  • Be concise. If your comment ends up being more than two paragraphs, consider writing a post of your own and letting the blogger know they inspired it.
  • Don’t leave a plug that simply links to your blog — your name links back to your blog anyway.
  • Mind your manners. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it in their comment thread.

This entire assignment made me think about the very first time I dipped my toes into the blogging world – that was about ten years ago, by the way. I had *no idea* what to do, what to write, or how often. Facebook was just beginning and MySpace reached its peak before starting its tumble-down. I had no readers and was really writing for myself – much like I am now. But slowly I gained more followers and I started interacting with them. I had a very lengthy blogroll back then and I tried to visit everyone’s blog on a daily basis.

You can imagine that after a while, it was a huge time sink. I’m hugely grateful now for things like feedly where I just see if a blog that I’m following has updated. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also added a lot of news sites and the such, but I’m getting better at skimming. After I stopped blogging on that blog I made an effort to keep in touch with my regular readers – there was only a handful of them really and we still do…for the most part. I’m sure dropping by to wish them a happy birthday or liking a status or photo on Facebook doesn’t really count as keeping in touch…but such is the modern life.

I still have that blog by the way. I’m not sure why I keep it around. I liked a lot of the posts I wrote on it and I had some nice ideas for stories floating around there. But really, I should just officially let it go.

But I’ve rambled again.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Gaining readers, I think. I’m pretty sure my method for gaining readers is the same method I’m doing now, which is to poke around, skim through some posts, like some posts, follows some blogs and finally start to comment on blogs. Sounds time-consuming, doesn’t it? It’s not really. Well, for me it’s not really time-consuming. Anyway, listed below are the four blogs that I’ve commented on and started to follow.

Wow. That took me longer than I anticipated to write this post. But then again, daily life is filled with constant interruptions.


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbor

  1. Hi neighbour ☺ I figure your post means that i can say hello to you ☺ i must admit that i don’t intend to write about this exercise on my blog in case someone thinks that I wrote a comment on their only to fulfill the exercise. Having said this, i have been astonished at the number of interesting and talented people i have seen since i entered the world of blogging a few months ago. Well done neighbor. ☺


    1. Well, thank you! I generally try to write a post whether or not it *really* applies or not. My thought – and unwritten resolution/goal/thing – was to try and write *every day no matter what.*

      Yes, I like digging in and trying to find new blogs! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Employing a similar strategy as myself! I tend to wander and take a look at different blogs depending on the day or my mood. I’m gonna check out the ones you posted above. I too used to collect stamps 🙂


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