Resurrecting Old Writing

On the tail end of my first serious blog – I suppose my tumblr blog was serious enough, but that was filled to the brim with random fandom stuff and not enough of what was on my mind. I love tumblr, don’t get me wrong, but there is a reason why I’m not there anymore. (That reason is DISTRACTION. Oh, dear god tumblr was a huge distraction for me.) Anyway, on my first “serious” blog I wrote a lot of fiction. Or well, I tried to write a lot of fiction. What I wrote a lot of crappy first drafts. I had a weekly thing that I think was called “55 Friday” or something like it, where the premise was to write a piece of flash fiction that had only 55 words in it.

Crazy, yes.

But I loved it.

And from it sprang a story that I had tentatively called “The Janey Edition.” The title was just a placeholder until I found another name. I never did find another name or a better name for my heroine – Janey. It worked…I suppose, but I was never really happy with the name “Janey,” not that it was a bad name per se, but I knew I had always wanted something better for my main character.

Oh, wow. Look at that…I’ve gone off topic. How surprising.

The thought of digging up an old piece of writing, whether it was “The Janey Edition” or something else has been on my mind since I started seriously blogging again. (And just for the record, I’ve never been thrilled with the words blog, blogging, blogger. It sounds…I don’t know how it sounds but it doesn’t do anything for me. Writer will do just nicely, thanks so much.) I could go even further back and try reworking something that I wrote in junior high. Much of my work seem to have some sort of supernatural element to them. I suppose I could psycho-analyze myself but that just be an amusement. I’d probably still be drawn to the supernatural element when writing.

In late junior high and early high school, I did write a pirate love story. That amused me when I came across it. But a subplot that I left dangling had a lot to do with the main male protagonist being a spy for England. I never went into that subplot. I just mentioned it and kept writing. If I rewrote it my guess would either to make the subplot more of the focus with an incidental love story or just drop it all together.

Heh. I just realized that I’m talking more to myself than others. Forgive me.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Old writing. I could also chose to rework pieces I wrote in college. At least those pieces of writing had the benefit of being critiqued by professors and peers. What I also wrote in college tends to lean heavily on mother-daughter relationships. While I love my mother, our relationship is strained.

But that relationship is best left for another post.

Old writing for me, includes those dreaded works-in-progress. I have the bones of what, I think, could be an excellent non-fiction piece about my house. It has literal psychopaths, late night escapes, possible suppressed sexuality, and family dynamics and all of it is true. But the story is very much larger than myself and includes a fair number of living people. Living people who are close to me. So, nothing ever really goes beyond an occasional writing group or what I write in my journals.

Maybe I haven’t finished it because I *am* that close to it.

Again, something I have to look into and preferably not in a public forum.

Some of the past writings are just so very bad that I would prefer to keep them in the past and to not rework them. But there is something of a challenge there; to find that nugget of inspiration that prompted me to write that piece (no matter how bad it turned out) and to try and build it into something better. Perhaps, after this, I will look at a very old piece of writing and try to understand what I was thinking when I first wrote it.

Maybe it will show up here.

Maybe it won’t.

The point is that it’s writing. That I’m writing.


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