Stop breathing in my direction or else I’ll murder you.

I promise this will be the last post for today.

Pinky swear.

Yesterday, I wrote about pain. Today, I’m writing about a specific kind of pain…the pain that comes with a migraine; before, during, and after. Because yes, there is after a migraine pain.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t seen my lovely chiropractor for nearly six weeks. It was definitely showing as well. Besides my the pain in my head, he told me that one shoulder was lower than the other and that my posture wasn’t my usual. Six weeks and it turned me into a gibbering mess.

I figured out that before a bad headache turns into a full blown migraine (Oh, yes. There’s a difference. A huge difference.) that I feel stupid and words just jumble and trip over themselves while I speak. Lights hurt. Sound hurts. Heat hurts. That’s where I was yesterday evening after work. I could function but the thought never occurred to me that I might be heading into a migraine.

After he adjusted me, the searing pain immediately lifted. (A note on chiropractors: I know they are a controversial topic. I know that many think it crap science. It may very well be. But my chiropractor has never pushed weird drugs on me. He’s always advocated correct posture, a proper mattress and pillow. That makes sense to me. An once of prevention and all that. What I can attest to is this story: the very first time I saw him, I was in the midst of one the worst migraines I’ve ever had. I had thrown up three times. I was on my second day of pain. Nothing was working. My husband had to drag me out to see him – because when you are in that kind of pain, you just don’t want to move, no matter what. The second he adjusted me, everything muscle in my body relaxed. The severe pain melted away. I could open my eyes without crying in pain. My appetite came back. I could sit up without wobbling back down. The change was swift. So, yes, I will be on their side forever.) Oh, I still had a headache but I could feel myself coming back to normal. A headache I can manage and function. A migraine I cannot. Especially after taking a d@mn imitrex. Seriously, have you ever taken imitrex? It makes you tired. It makes you limbs feel like lead. All you want is to sleep. Once, I made the mistake of taking one before I went home. It was a wonder that I didn’t crash the car.

Anyway, the migraine was successfully fought off. But I still had a residual headache. One that last through the night and into today. I’ve hydrated myself properly, eaten, and taken ibuprofen. This residual headache still persists. But today, while scrolling through I came across the term migraine hangover. Migraine hangover sounds a lot like the residual headache that I have.

Hey, my brain thought, it’s a thing! A real thing! You have no idea how good it is to know that there’s terms for the sh*t I’m feeling.

I don’t have experience the aura some people suffer from, but if you watch the video most my symptoms are those of a migraine. Also, be warned. The video might scare you…I say that because some of these symptoms actually sound like a stroke.

I don’t want to think about it.

Anyway, this post dealt with patient terms for migraines and how they feel. I’m just glad that the worst of the migraine is over.


Songs that were playing as I wrote this:

  • Boyfriend – Ashley Simpson
  • Heard ‘Em Say – Kanye West
  • Smile – Lilly Allen
  • Little Red Corvette – Prince
  • Deeper Shade of Soul – Urban Dance Squad

(I like my pop music, don’t I?)


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