Blogging 101: Extend Your Brand


Another assignment that I’m not going to do. I understand that I now have a “brand.” I get that, I really, really do. Self-promotion isn’t me and I am distinctly uncomfortable doing so, you know being an introvert and all. Honestly, I don’t know how others do it.

My husband told me about 20 (!!!) years ago that he thought journaling was mastabatory. Perhaps, it is. Navel-gazing? Definitely. But I’ve never shared any of my journals with anyone. Not even my husband. He hasn’t asked. He knows better. Besides, now everything I write in a journal he already knows. It’s more of a record of what’s going on and a pseudo-scrapbook. The point is, it’s mine.

But I’ve gone off the rails again.


The point is, I am extremely uncomfortable promoting myself. I write (obliquely) about people I know, sometimes bending, stretching, and blurring all identifying characteristics of those people. I haven’t exactly let it all hang out because I am afraid of being caught.

Am I holding back? Yes, of course I am.

But we all are, I think.


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