Reader Questionnaire

I found this this questionnaire on Blu Chicken Ninja‘s blog.  I liked it.  I lifted it.

Reader Questionnaire
1. What is your favorite book?

Holy frijoles.  What a tough question.  The last book I read usually ends up being my favorite book for the time being.  But I do enjoy Nick Bantock‘s the Griffin and Sabine series. Other books that come to mind are Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One, Diane Setterfield‘s The Thirteenth Tale,Kate Atkinson‘s Life After Life; Audrey Niffengger‘s The Time Traveler’s Wife and Andy Weir‘s The Martian.

2. What are your goals? For the year? For your life?

  • To write more.
  • To bind books more.
  • To take more control of my Diabetes.
  • To be happier.

3. Are you a writer? If so, tell me about your work.

I am a writer.  I like writing fiction, but it is the non-fiction in my life that happens to be more interesting currently.  For the past ten years, I have been wrestling with a story about my house.  It’s a very interesting story, but it also happens to be very, very dense and almost all of the people involved in the story are still alive.  So, it’s touch bit tricky.  I’ve received permission from my husband to write it – because he features heavily in it and of course, I don’t mind writing about myself. Though, my part of the story, admittedly, is not important.  I am the very definition of a tertiary character.

But yes,if I had a story that’s been on my mind it would be “The House” story.  I’ve had the bones of it work-shopped by friends about two years ago.  Perhaps, it is time to dig it up again.

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I love traveling.  I can’t get enough of it.  However, time and money (especially money) prohibit us from traveling more.  We make do with traveling to places that we can drive to…for that reason alone, most of the places i want to visit aren’t on the continental US.

  • United Kingdom (all of it)
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • The Philippines
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Greece
  • Spain

5. What was the last movie you saw in the theatre and was it worthwhile?

Well, the last movie I saw in the theatre was the last Hobbit movie.  I had extremely mixed feelings about it.  Honestly, though, my husband is the movie buff.  He loves movies.  While on summer vacation, sometimes he will spend all day at the movies, watching one movie after another.

6. I’m curious, are there any books that you’ve tried to read and simply couldn’t finish? This is a no judgement zone.

There are plenty of books that I’ve tried to read but just couldn’t finish.  I read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness when I was in high school.  I hate that book.  I couldn’t finish it.  Mind you, I still got an A on that essay that I had to write about it. My
goodreads page is littered with books that I’ve half-read and, of course, a running list of books that I want to read.

So little time, so many f’ing books.

7. Are you currently working on a new book/project right now? If it’s secret, you don’t have to tell me about it. If so, however, I hope it’s going well.

Currently, no, I’m not working on anything.  Writing posts has been taking up my writing brain.  I’d like to have a writing project that isn’t blog related though.

8. If you could live in any of your favourite books, which one would you choose?

Jeez, another difficult question.  But honestly though I wouldn’t want to live in any of my favorite books.  I like the real world just fine – major problems and all.  I read books to escape, you know?

9. Are there any book-to-movie adaptations that you think are just incredible? That you absolutely hated?

On the whole, I am never quite thrilled of book-to-movie adaptations.  It’s got to knock my socks off for me to mention.  Like I mentioned above, I’m not a big movie person so when I hear that such and such a book is being made into a movie…well, I tend to not go see it.

10. What do you look for in a book that you want to read? What’s the first thing to capture your attention?

I don’t look for a specific thing in a book that I want to read.  But here are the things that will capture my eye:

  • That cover.  What’s on it?
  • What’s the blurb saying?
  • (Most importantly) how are those first five pages?  If I have read past the first five pages then it’s a good bet that it’s going to come home with me.  If I can’t get past the third paragraph, well, see you later.

11. If you’re an author, what do you do when you first get an idea for a book?

I jot notes down; scenes, if I have them; written character sketches; an outline – I love writing outlines.  I feel it helps me keep grounded in my writing.

12. How do you feel about different genres? Romance? YA? Sci-Fi? Poetry? Do you have any favorites? Any least-favorites?

I tend to read general fiction and YA.  I’m pushing myself to read more sci-fi, westerns, and poetry.  Romance is good to read and helps to reset my brain for another book.  Least favorites?  No, not really.

13. If you could meet any writer in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

  • Neil Gaiman
  • Stephen King
  • Alison Bechdel

14. Do you prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?

I prefer fiction, but if the topic is interesting, I will wander over to read a non-fiction book every once in a while.

15. Are there any characters that everyone loves that you can’t stand? Or vice versa?
Please don’t give a whiny character or someone who won’t try something.  Or someone who clearly has no character development.

Wait, that’s me in real life.  Hey, I suppose it applies to characters as well.

16. What do you like to do besides reading/writing?

I play games (board, video, and card).  I bind journals.  I love to sing, bike, walk, and do yoga.  I love trying new recipes as well.

17. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

I suppose I would like to be remembered for my writing.

18. What is your favourite guilty pleasure book?

I do love reading romance books.  I read through those rather quickly.

19. Do you have a reading goal set for this year?
My reading goal for the year is 35 books. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it, but hey, it’s a goal.

20. Tell me anything about yourself that I haven’t asked. Random fact. Weird human trick. Whatever.

Um….anything that I mention feels like I am bragging and honestly, I never want to do that.  Okay, how about the scar on my right side?  I had my first kidney stone attack when I was seventeen…worst summer of my life.  I spent most of it in bed or in huge amounts of pain because of it.  I endured it before the doctors realized that it hadn’t budged.  My mother didn’t want me to get a scar but I didn’t care.  I just wanted the kidney stone gone.  So, I have a six-inch scar on my right hand side from the very first kidney stone attack that I had.


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