Write Anything Wednesday

I must confess that I do have something brewing in my headachey little head. Whether or not it gets seen by others’ eyes is another subject.

Writerish Ramblings

You know what to do. Write something today, anything. Even if it will only lead to something creative later, write it down. Tell your distractions to buzz off (nicely) and get the kind of work done that you want. If you don’t normally do outlines, try it out, or perhaps use plot cards. If you’re like me and put off writing a detailed setting, take today to add description to at least one scene. I talked about this in a previous post, if you are having trouble with a revision, read your story, scene, paragraph out loud. Hopefully that will help. If you see something odd today, write about it, or make a note of it to use later. For myself, I’ll be working on my new project. It’s coming along nicely and hasn’t kicked me in the shins yet.

If you want a prompt:

  • Write a piece for or…

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