Short Attention Span Sunday

That’s funny. My mind has been wandering all day.

It’s also funny because I’ve also been writing another post about selective attention. But no, my mind is easily distracted today. It’s okay. It is Sunday.


We slept in today, without the “whisper quiet” footsteps of our friend’s kids upstairs. One of the cats slept between us, purring loudly. She got up several times to make herself at home on our sides or stomachs.


I foolishly thought that everyone would sleep in, like we did. I was wrong. We drove around for a while before I frustratedly found another place to eat that wasn’t the original place. Indian food is always a good choice..except when one had her heart set on something else.


Once home, my husband played Dragon Age: Inquisition while I struggled to write a post. I occasionally stopped what I was doing to help him. I did put in 150+ hours on the game.


There my attention has wandered again….


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