Prompts Tuesday

I found this prompt here on 28 Days of Writing Prompts.

As always, this is a work of fiction.

Enjoy my attempt at a short story.

Write a short story that features an umbrella.

Among the sea of dull black umbrellas was the startling vibrant rainbow umbrella that she held over her head. She was no where near as confident as the others. This was her first time here, she was lost, and no one would stop to help her out. Dejectedly, she sighed and stepped aside, flattening herself against the wall while the world passed her by, impatiently.

From her position on the wall, she saw a small coffee shop. It looked warm and inviting, something she desperately needed on this cold, dreary day. Carefully, she stepped out and started crossing the sea of black umbrellas, holding her own higher and higher above her head After much jostling and grumbling from the other people on the street, she made her way into the coffee shop.

As she pushed open the door, she felt the weight of the world slip from her shoulders and as she snapped her umbrella closed and took a look around the happily bustling place something tickled at the back of her mind. Something wasn’t…right about the place. She couldn’t place it and so decided to shake her head of the notion and stepped up to the register to order a tea and perhaps a croissant to go along with it.

She smiled at the barrista when he handed her her order. Taking it, she settled with her closed rainbow umbrella by the a window to watch the world pass by. But the longer she stayed in the coffee shop, the more her instinct was telling her to get up and walk away. She frowned slightly and set her tea down. She rubbed her eyes. Setting her umbrella on the table she felt a pull on her soul.

This isn’t right, she thought to herself as she looked around the coffee shop with its soft plush chairs, soothing music, and just right lighting. She looked back outside at the mish mash of people with their dark umbrellas. She peered closer at the people holding the umbrellas. They actually looked determined and happy to be out there, even in the pouring rain. That doesn’t seem right, she thought.

She looked around at the others around her and was startled to see that the people around her actually looked the same: sad and seemingly uninterested in the world outside them. Huh, she thought to herself. Maybe this isn’t where I need to be. She quietly set her coffee cup down and quickly headed back out the door into the pouring rain.


I don’t know where I was going with it. But I wrote it and then it suddenly didn’t want to be written. Anyway, I suppose I should be glad that I wrote *something.*

If anyone else has a prompt they’d like to give me, I’d be glad to have it.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


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