18 Posts

Eighteen posts.

That’s how many posts I’m in the process of writing, whether it’s just an idea jotted down in my agenda or as a draft post here on wordpress. I’ve always got something going on writing wise. But is eighteen posts too many? Does an idea get lost in the shuffle? I hope not. I go back into each post and look at them.

What’s eventually coming down the pike?

I’m so glad you asked.

  • mental illness
  • 100 objects
  • identity
  • only children
  • several prompts
  • attention
  • fertility issues
  • compassion fatigue
  • love
  • problem people
  • silence
  • parental relationships
  • journals, diaries, and notebooks

So, if you ever ask me “what am I writing” I’ll point you to this post.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!  I’ve got a post to work on.


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