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[Side note #1: Would you look at that? I found a post from the old blog that exactly matches the date. I will be doing a bit of editing here. I do place myself a lot in this post and I don’t really want to nowadays.  I also seem to mention people by name.  No pseudonyms or anything!]


Sunday, February 12, 2006

I’m Tired…So Go To Bed! But I Don’t Want to…

Like a stubborn child I won’t go to bed. Why? Because I can stay up. I’m 29, I live in my own house, my husband is downstairs playing PS2’s God of War and I’m here in the “office” (formerly M-‘s bedroom) typing away on my little blog.

Two things, I’ve been added to the XXX Bloggers website. What’s XXX Bloggers? A nifty little website compromised of blogs from the XXX area, written by XXXers or temporarily transplanted XXXers. Give it a try. I found several other websites that were interesting.

The second is that my little snippet of overheard conversation has been added to Overheard in XXX . Another nifty blog run by [I hate this dude and won’t say his name for fear of conjuring him up] about the crazy conversations that people heard in their everyday waking life. I love checking it out. It’s funny. The one I contributed, my friend, C- and I overheard while we were undergrads at XXX. At least I think it was C-. I’m about 95% sure of this, but my memory seems to be a bit spotty lately. Eh.


[The husband] and I had lunch are our favorite little coffee shop/cafe/veggie restaurant. It’s called the Quiet Storm and it’s located in the B-/G- area of the city. Not only is it vegetarian, but it’s also vegan. So, you must be saying to yourself, but Paperback Writer you’re not a vegan or remotely vegetarian. True, but their food is just that good. It doesn’t feel like your are eating vegetarian food, it feels like you’re eating d@mn good food…that just happens to be vegetarian.

Now, I love this place, but today I just didn’t have a good eating experience there. I ordered the special – the Coconut Curry Wrap and while it was good, it didn’t knock my socks off. Also, we order the Ktipiti as our appetizer. We were quite surprised that feta cheese could be so sharp. Again, a little unexpected a disappointing. [The husband] enjoyed his food…and I did not.

On to dinner. While waiting for our friends to come back from Target we ate at the Rose Tea Cafe in S- H-. I ate there when it was located two shops up and wasn’t as complete as it is now in it’s current locale. We started with the Taiwanese Meatball Soup and I had the baby shrimp with lobster sauce. The soup…I just couldn’t eat. It didn’t sit right with me. And the baby shrimp with lobster sauce? Bland.

Again, another disappointing eating experience.

But I’ll definitely go back to the Quiet Storm and the Rose Tea Cafe. I’m always up for second chances.

Favorite Places to Eat

Legends of the North Shore
Quiet Storm [Sadly, this doesn’t exist anymore]
Mad Mex
Mitchell’s Fish Market

So, if you’ve been observant, you’ll notice that I list all of the Big Burrito’s restaurants in here (Mad Mex, Casbah, Eleven, Umi and Soba). I love their food. We had them cater our wedding. No compliants from our guests!

Nakama is located in the S- S- and it’s where [my husband] proposed…so, it’ll always hold a dear place in my heart.

Legends of the North Shore is located next to A- G- H- in the North Shore. Lovely atmosphere, great Italian food. Don’t go on a weekend without reservations. You’ll be sorry.

Mitchell’s Fish Market is located in the Waterfront. And I’m willing to wait 20 minutes in the bridge traffic for some fresh seafood.

So, there you go. My favorite resturants. Go on, give them a shot. And then let me know what you think of them.


Posted by Paperback Writer at Sunday, February 12, 2006

[Side note #2:  Why was the husband playing a video game on a Sunday night?  He had school the next day!  Oh, the mundane, unanswered questions.  When will you stop haunting me.]

[Side note #3: Apparently, these were the songs that were popular during 2006. Keep in mind, people, this was nine years ago. Let that sink in.]


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