Hello? Creativity? It’s Me, Charlie

I’ve felt out of sorts lately, writing wise. I’m not sure what happened or what brought it on or anything of the sort, but whatever. I’m still writing everyday and yes, I did write yesterday, even if that particular post didn’t see the light of day…yet. (I’m still working on it, leave me alone.)

But today, while looking through Medium I came upon this prompt: “How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?” I saw it and knew that I had to write about it. But now, writing, I’m actually at a loss.

Do I give myself the necessary space to create?

Truth be known, I’m pretty sure that answer would be no. Life (sometimes…most of the time) gets in the way of being creative. Sometimes, it’s the Diabetes that’s getting in my way. (You try to write or type while your hands suddenly go all tingly on you. It’s not cool.) But mostly, I suspect that it is me who gets in my way. I’d say it’s the obsessive over thinking that does it. I mean, we al do it, but how do we stop ourselves from doing it?

I don’t know. I’ve got no answers for you, unfortunately So, until I feel revved up to write, I’ll gamely keep writing.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

Now, get to writing.

I found this post about tapping into our creative minds as well. Give it a read.


4 thoughts on “Hello? Creativity? It’s Me, Charlie

  1. Maybe it depends on the different drafts a piece goes through. The first is nice, I find, because I write without thinking. The second is where the overthinking comes in sometimes – should I use this word or that one? A comma here or not? Aargh!

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