Writing 201: Water




Turn around.  You don’t want to read this.

I don’t know why I assigned myself to this course. I don’t like poetry. I have no patience for poetry. I don’t understand poetry.

BUT yet, here I am.

You’re asking yourself – or most likely me – Charlie, why are you subjecting yourself to this if you don’t even *like* poetry. I have no f’ing idea. Maybe it’s my subconscious’ way of getting me to try something different. Maybe it’s a way to get more creative with my writing.

Or maybe I just like punishing myself.


I’m supposed to write a haiku for today. Water is the prompt and simile is the device.

I’m leaving you ample time to leave this post. I won’t be mad.

Still here?


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Water shining bright.
Surrounding and calming me.
Clear blue as your eyes.

Did you know that there’s a cousin to the haiku? A tanka? The structure is similar to that of a haiku but goes two extra lines that are seven syllables each.

Shall we try?

(Oh, yes, Charlie. Because you *aren’t done* torturing yourself. Shut the f’ up.)

Crystal blue waters.
Filled with many different
creatures. All living
placidly under the calm
blue sea. No one knows they’re there.


Shut up.


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