Writing 201: Fog

Today’s assignment involves:

  • fog
  • elegy
  • metaphor

What say you? Once more into the breech?

Diaphanous ghosts were dancing in the distant light;
Swirling twirling as I sat entranced,
eyes drooping with heavy sleep.
Red dotted their airy gowns as
they slowly pirouetted on a dime.

I blinked.
And they were gone.
Vanished, leaving me behind.


Well, that doesn’t feel like an elegy…and it wasn’t quite what I wanted to write about.

Shall I try again?


In that night before the dawn,
smoke swirled around in the distance.
Lights blinked on and off, peaking through
the fog. I slowly wake up,
the dream fading from memory;
leaving me bleary eyed and tired.



Well, you can’t say that I didn’t try!


One thought on “Writing 201: Fog

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