Prompts Tuesday: Hamish, my Classic iPod

When I saw this article, I knew right away that I too needed to write about Hamish, my classic iPod. But Charlie, you might be saying, can’t you just download your music to your phone?

The answer is, yes, of course I f’ing can.

Do I want to download my music to my phone?

F’k no.

When I want to listen to music and just music out comes Hamish, the iPod, and all I can hear is my music. No notifications for email, facebook, twitter, instagram, nothing. Just me and my music. It’s been this way since I can remember.

Music helped me go to sleep when I was very young and the only station I was allowed to listen to was the local country station. (Another time. Don’t ask.) It helps lighten my mood, gets me through the workday, helps me to write. (Check the list below. Apparently, I love the gaming soundtracks. Who knew? Well, apparently I did.)

I want a dreaded unitasker. According to Alton Brown a unitasker is a thing that only does one task. He hates unitaskers and in the kitchen, I can understand why. (The only unitasker one should have in the kitchen is a fire hydrant.) I couldn’t begin to tell you if he hates the classic iPod. But again, going off topic. The main unitasker in my life is the iPod, the other is my camera and again, yes, I know I can just use my phone but my phone is crap.


I want to carry all 10,000 of my songs with me. I want that variety. I need that variety. I know. I know. You don’t need to tell me twice.

“But you’re not going to listen to all 10,000 in one day, Charlie.”

You’re absolutely right.

I don’t care though.

Yes, I know about Apple’s terms regarding music. Honestly, it’s the only thing that I am Apple loyal about. One day (hopefully, in the very distant future) Hamish will go kaput and I will be left wondering what do I do. I’ll cross that bridge when I need to cross that bridge.

Right now, leave me alone with my classic iPod.


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