55 Fridays: Hands

[Side note #1: I know I haven’t posted my poem for yesterday’s assignment, nor have I done today’s assignment. That will come over the weekend. The poem I’m working on, requires my full attention. I had thoughts, *thoughts* about how I wanted it to look but I am not that good of a poet to make it happen.


Anyway, on to 55 Fridays, this time done as a poem, because of the whole Daily Post, Writing 201 Poetry Course.

I have more thoughts, but that will come later.]


Fingers tremble, hand shake as I grip tighter, tighter.
With a quiet sigh, I let go, relief washing over me.
She places it in my other hand and demands that I squeeze hard.
So, with gritted teeth, I squeeze hard, watching as my hand shake.
“Okay, that’s enough,” she says, noting, happy with the result.


Did you know that there’s an instrument that measures grip strength? My right hand didn’t shake as much as my left hand did when I was at my first round of physical therapy on Wednesday. Yeah, it was neat. My physical therapist told me that my right hand was weaker than my left, which makes sense because the pain is more concentrated in my right than my left.

I expect to redevelop my strength in both hands, you know, to crush people with. 🙂

Happy Friday!


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