TBT: Writing

From the previous blog, Crouching Writer, Hidden Dragon. 

Written last year:


  1. 02.27.14 It’s not *bad* pain, thankfully, but it’s that type of pain where every move I make, I’m reminded that I’m _in pain._ My hips hurt from where my husband has been injecting me daily with my meds but now my lower back hurts as well. Nothing I do seems to relieve the pain. Normally, I would see my chiropractor and be adjusted. I’m not sure, however, if this would bring me any relief. :\
  1. 02.27.14 I had a very serious and important discussion with my niece last night. It is perhaps life changing. Who was her favorite Babysitter’s Club member? It’s Dawn, by the way.  She very impressed that I read 60 books in the series. I may have accidentally given her spoilers. 🙂 Oops.
  1. 03.01.14 My patience is rapidly dwindling and I am in pain (hips where my husband injects the progesterone) and lower back (why that hurts, I’m not sure). I am usually a patient person, able to distract myself easily by doing other activities. But a lot of those other activities involves physical movement and every step I seem to take reminds me that my back hurts.

Anyway, that being said, I’m trying to keep positive and be present in this moment. Not an easy task but at least it gets my head out the box I’m stuck in.


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