Photography 101: Solitude and Rule of Thirds

Today’s assignment deals with the rule of thirds, which I understand but I’m too sick and tired (literally, not figuratively) to do properly.

Hence, I’ll take the solitude.

Again literally. I’m supposed to be doing things on my days off. Instead, I find myself laid up in bed with a cold. I’ve surrounded myself with my books, my journals, the phones, and my computer while I force myself to go on “bed rest.”


I had plans people and now I’ve forced myself to sit and be. Normally, this wouldn’t be something that I would complain about – I do love my alone time tremendously – but if forced, I would rather be doing something else.

So, here.  This is my picture…which I realize now is blurry.  Damn phone.

Solitude in my house
Solitude in my house

4 thoughts on “Photography 101: Solitude and Rule of Thirds

  1. I like the blurry aspect in this photo. I, too, have a cold this week and it feels like haze. After 4 days, I’m still on the couch but well enough to think more clearly. I’ll catch up with Photo101 this weekedn. Today I’m editing my blog roll, you’re on it now. Yesterday I spent hours reading essays on genre bending, jotting notes from them, and adding notes to a work I have in progress. I don’t remember whose blog I found it in, I was sort of in a blur like your photo. Making the best use of couch time I can. Licorice tea is comforting for a throat and cough issue. Take care and write on!

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