I can’t hear you over my awesome mix tapes

Music has been on my brain lately. This post spawned several queued up posts about music and mixes from my past. I can’t link to a post that’s already scheduled, but next Thursday, you’ll get what I’m talking about.

I hope.

Anyway, researching for music from 1990 (when I was thirteen), opened up a floodgate of music that made (and still makes – if I’m being truthful) me happy.

I chose the music from 1995 for this post. It’s the year I graduated from high school, eighteen years old and ready to take on the world…kinda.

Today is the greatest
Today is the greatest day
Today is the greatest day
That I have ever really known

So, this was our class song and from what I’ve heard that the lyrics are actually about suicide. I’m pretty sure that had we known (and if it is really true) it still would’ve been voted our class song. Well, I would’ve still voted it as our class song. Growing up where I did, the other candidates were country songs…and it’s not that I have anything against country songs…well, that’s not true. I don’t like country, it’s just not my thing.


Once upon a midnight dreary
I woke with something in my head
I couldn’t escape the memory
Of a phone call and of what you said

If I were honest (and I try to be) I still like these songs. They make me happy. I’m pretty sure that it’s been well established that music is tied heavily with memories. It may be just me, but I love how strongly a song can transport me back to a specific period in my life. Thankfully, I don’t dwell there – we all have to move on at some point – for long and I am free to associate new memories with the music I’m hearing.

Here comes the hot stepper, murderer
I’m the lyrical gangster, murderer
Excuse me mister officer, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

And with every song that I love there were always the songs that I found to be over played.

Like this one:

Help me. Even now, it makes me cringe. Every single day some heartbroken teenager was playing this song and sobbing their eyes out. It was dedicated over and over and over again. It makes my ears bleed.

Ugh. Now, I have to go stuff my ears with some other poppy song to make me forget this one exists.


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