Untitled #7: Flotsam and Jetsam

I missed several things, haven’t I?

Well, I suppose that I should roll everything into one post then, huh?

55 Fridays

She woke up head pounding a steady beat. Her violet eyes squinted in the harsh desert light, her mouth dry with sand, and her hair (no doubt) messy, dirty, and disheveled. She moved, aching and rolled onto rocks, sticks, and other debris. Reaching for her broken glasses, she found herself in the middle of nowhere.


I wrote more, lots more. You’ll just have to content yourself with this while a short story percolates in my head.


My mother called me yesterday morning, asking me if I had “heard the new.”

Didn’t you see it on Facebook, she asked me. No, I told her. What news? Your niece overdosed. (Before I go any further, my cousin didn’t post on facebook that her daughter just overdosed. Please.)

Um, what? Short story, shorter, one of my nieces has a disease that affects her everyday. My mother, medical doctor that she is, thinks that she might be depressed and need someone to talk to. A fine theory, but since my mother lives on one side of the country while my niece lives on the other. Also, while I love my mother, this is all guesswork. I doubt my niece will open up to an aunt that she hasn’t seen in ten years. I’ll send her my thoughts, good vibes, and let her mother know that I’m here if she wants to pick my brain.

Addiction, in whatever form, is a terrible thing.


I’ve decided to try again with the IVF treatment. Though, not while we’re redoing our bathroom. Originally, when we moved in, ten years ago, we had the bathroom updated. The asshole who did it, didn’t know what he was doing. So, for the past ten years, water has leaked into the walls and floors. I don’t need to tell you how annoying this is.

And as I said, I won’t do a bathroom remodel at the same time that I am doing IVF treatments. One stressful thing at a time, thank you very much. The hiatus is over. It’s time to get back.


I’m still working on several posts that I need to get queued up. I’ll probably be doing that once I publish this post.


Finally, finally, finally. The weather is turning our way. I actually see the sun more than I do clouds. I feel the sun on my skin – though still weak – and not the weight of my heavy coats. My moods are improving and everything seems…*right* with world. Can spring stick around longer than it does or will summer come barreling down on us again?


Now, to be vague.

Could it be finally happening?! After all this time, could it be happening?! Other things must happen before *this one event* occurs.

No, I’m not explaining anything.

Mark the time. It’s 3:40 pm, by the way.


I have to admit defeat regarding the photography 101 challenge.  I couldn’t carry the camera I wanted to carry with me all the time.  I carry enough as it is.


Now I must be off. I have other posts and stories that need my attention.

Happy Sunday!


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