Book Planning

I don’t like having a reading plan. I like to pick up a book that interesting to me and just start reading.

I have a friend who is reading books by writers of color and female. I think that’s her goal. My reading goals are never so lofty. I applaud her decision and I wish her the best. My reading challenge seems to be filled with Dragon Age. I’m sure that will change. It’s always interesting to see what I’ve read in the past years.

Here’s what I read in year’s passed:

  • 2014  A fair amount graphic novels, it seems and the beginnings of rereading the Harry Potter series.
  • 2013  Has it been that long since I read Still Life? My husband just finished the second book in the series and is in love with it.
  • 2012  Ah, I see.  Sherlock Holmes.  Interesting.
  • 2011 I seemed to be two books shy of completing that year’s goal. It looks like I was on a Cherie Priest kick that year.

In the link I posted up above there was a checklist for the books. Here’s my thoughts…

  • A book you’ve been meaning to read:  Technically speaking aren’t all unread books, books that I’ve been meaning to read? 🙂 Fine.  Okay, technically speaking, there’s the set of books by Oliver Sacks that I’ve been meaning to read.  Neurology is so very interesting to me.  I hope he’s doing what he wants to do before terminal cancer catches up to him.
  • A book published this year:  Well, I have plans on reading the Welcome to Night Vale book when it comes out later on this year.
  • A book in a genre you don’t typically read:  I don’t read a lot of science fiction. I think I’ll choose this one. No, I’ve never read it.
  • A book from your childhood: Charlotte’s Web was always a favorite.  Time to dig up my copy from when I was eight.  My niece read it when she was about my age and she cried her eyes out.
  • A book that your mom loves:  My mom doesn’t read books.  Neither does my dad.  The book shelves – that my dad made – are filled with the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1981.  The bookshelves in my room – which is still *as is* – holds an eighth of the books that I once had.  I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you what my mother would read if she read books.  She’s a great fan of old Filipino comic books.  They’re old and very lurid.  Oh, and there seemed to be some sort of damsel in distress.  But books?  Nope, my mother doesn’t read books.
  • A book that was originally written in a different language: I have tried over and over to read Touch Me Not. I know it’s a book that seems every Filipino *should* read. But honest to pete. I can’t do it. Perhaps, I should read Jessica Hagedorn‘s Dogeaters again. Perhaps, something else though. I do have Dream Jungle sitting upstairs in the library…
  • A book “everyone” has read but you:  Looking over the list, I have every intention of reading The Girl on the Train. I don’t know. I’ll have to look into which book I should read that *everyone else has.* (Sounds kinda boring to me, but whatever.
  • A book you chose because of the cover:  Heh, I’ll know it when I see it.
  • A book by a favorite author:  That’s easy. I’ve already have this book lined up.
  • A book recommended by someone with great taste: Well, LAF, Blu Chicken Ninja, got anything good for me to read? (Also, I won’t turn away any other recommendations that y’all have.
  • A book you should have read in high school:Doctor Zhivago, I will *finally* conquer you!!!! This time, I won’t bullshit my way through an essay that I received an A+ on.
  • A book that’s currently on the bestseller list:  I tried reading The Husband’s Secret on the overhead recommendation from someone at work. I’ll give it another go, I guess.

Anyway, I suppose that’s my plan.  I should refresh your memory and show you What's on my nighstand

what’s on my nightstand.  Okay, so it doesn’t *exactly* look like this now, but it’s close enough.

Books, books, and more books
Books, books, and more books

(Updated:  Here’s an updated picture!)


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