Blogging from A to Z, April 2015

With the exception of the photography 101 challenge, I haven’t really backed down from many things. This next challenge is no exception. Beginning in April, I will be participating in the Blogging from A to Z.

I’ll give you a moment to check the link out.

Go on, I’ll wait.


Okay, so, I’ve been trying to brainstorm what my theme of the day will be for month. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Wednesday, April 1: A  –  Apple Products and my Fascination with Them
  2. Thursday, April 2:  B – Throwback Thursday:  Books from my Childhood
  3. Friday, April 3:  C – 55 Fridays:  My Stupid Cats (most likely a poem about them and my frustration with the furballs)
  4. Saturday, April 4:  D – Dragon Age (Because I AM OBSESSED.)
  5. Monday, April 6:  E (Sundays are skipped) – Ego
  6. Tuesday, April 7:  F – Prompts Tuesday:  The Fickle Finger of Fate
  7. Wednesday, April 8:  G – God and Religion
  8. Thursday, April 9:  H:  Throwback Thursday:  Home
  9. Friday, April 10:  I – 55 Fridays:  Identity
  10. Saturday, April 11:  J – Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks
  11. Monday, April 13:  K  (Sundays are skipped!) – Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
  12. Tuesday, April 14:  L – Prompts Tuesday:  Luck
  13. Wednesday, April 15:  M – Music and Mix Tapes
  14. Thursday, April 16:  N – Throwback Thursday:  Nine Lives of Charlie
  15. Friday, April 17:  O – 55 Fridays:  Ophelia
  16. Saturday, April 18:  P – Problem People
  17. Monday, April 20:  Q (Sundays are skipped) – Quirks
  18. Tuesday, April 21:  R – Prompts Tuesday:  Red
  19. Wednesday, April 22:  S – Silence
  20. Thursday, April 23:  T – Throwback Thursday:  Time
  21. Friday, April 24:  U – 55 Fridays:  Untitled
  22. Saturday, April 25:  V – Variety
  23. Monday, April 27:  W (Skip  Sundays) – Words
  24. Tuesday, April 28:  X – Prompts Tuesday:  Xenophobia
  25. Wednesday, April 29:  Y – Y (Dude, do you know how hard it is to come up with 26 themes???)
  26. Thursday, April 30:  Z  – Throwback Thursday:  (Again, I’ll have to think about it.)

Why yes, I have every intention of keeping Prompts Tuesday, Throwback Thursdays, and 55 Fridays.  It’s going to be folded into the challenge.

So, intrigued?  Feel like stretching your writing muscles?  Go back up to the link and sign up.  I’m number #303, by the way.


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