55 Fridays: Ridiculous Cats, a poem


Jace and Medel sleep peacefully.

Their noses twitching.

Nothing disturbs them.


Slowly, from around the corner

a pair of mischievous

eyes sees her prey.

She creeps silent

closer and with one paw raised

she bops Jace.

Jace doesn’t take kindly.

She chases Kit Kat.

I sigh and turn back to my book.


The cat with the blue collar is Mendel.  The other is named Jace.  You can’t see her collar but it’s red.  Kit Kat, of course,

doesn’t look like the sisters.

Red Kitty or Jace
Jace and Mendell, in quiet times.

Mendel, Blue Kit Kat, tucked in
Loki/Trouble/Kit Kat – She’s trouble, can’t you tell?


9 thoughts on “55 Fridays: Ridiculous Cats, a poem

      1. The kitties wake you when you want to sleep in. They pester you for dinner. They may even want a pet or two. I have even known kitties that like to knock things off of shelves because they are bored. Best of all they barf up their food. Ok, they love to snuggle and follow you around too! 😉

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