On Self-Care and Selfishness

The other day I was feeling under the weather at work. My coworker, who I have to preface isn’t the nicest of people usually, asked me if I was okay. I said no and was probably going to go home soon.

I only went home after lunch.

Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves? Especially, as women, there seems to be a tendency that we have to put others’ care before ourselves. But if we aren’t taken care of, then who the f’ck will take care of us?

For therapists and others in the social services field, self-care is important to them to remember.  If you are not healthy and centered, how could you possibly be able to help others?  And yet, we continue to push ourselves beyond our limits to “prove” to ourselves and others that we can do it.  That we are in control.

Okay, fine.

But it seems to me that this is a sort of self-torture.  And don’t we have enough bad things in our lives?  Shouldn’t we try and decrease it?

Self care helps us face the world.  It makes us the best that we can be.

So, what’s stopping us from doing self-care?  We don’t want to be seen as being spoiled or selfish or shirking our duties to others.  It’s a mind-set that we need to work ourselves around.

So, go ahead and sleep in.  Skip the gym.  Get a latte.  Learn your limits.  Don’t be afraid.  It’ll be okay.


6 thoughts on “On Self-Care and Selfishness

  1. Yes, it is hard to take care of ourselves. Also, the rules in the corporate world have changed so that people are afraid to take sick days. Plus, the world operates much faster than it did, so we try to keep up with everything. Then of course, there is the time when you THINK you ARE taking care of yourself, but then you overdo it and the body goes on strike. Just wait… you have quite a ride a head of you!!

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  2. I think this is very good advice. I’m not so sure what I could do to take better care of myself. I think it’s important to recognise the signs your body gives you when you’re starting to get rundown so that you can take action before you get worse.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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