Gifts Giving Customs…of a Sort


The other night, when I was floundering around with what to write for G Day, jmixi999 said to write about

gift giving customs in your family vs your husband’s.

Capital idea, because my parents are not the best at giving gifts.  I remember when I was in the fourth grade at Christmas time, my parents gave me a coat for Christmas.  That’s it. To be fair, it’s one of the things I asked for.  But to not get anything else, not even clothes?  Well, that stung a bit.  From then on, I would point out the things that I expressly wanted and was there when they bought it.  No snooping around for me.

Was I spoiled?  Most likely.  But I am their only child and during that time in my life I didn’t have that many friends.  (Don’t feel bad.  I learned and adapted.)  My parents still don’t know what to give me for the holidays, my birthday or our anniversary.  We’re actually lucky if we get a phone call wishing us a happy anniversary…though really, I think it’s a passive protest against my husband (not the right age, class, religion, or career).  But lo to me if I don’t call them on their birthdays, anniversary, or holidays.

Is it obvious the tension that I have with my parents?



That’s for another post.

My in-laws, on the other hand, try very hard to get me something that I would like.  They may not always succeed, but I always appreciate the effort.  It also helps that they are more techno-savvy that my parents.  My amazon wishlist is always a good place to start.  Plus, my in-laws always ask my husband and he can steer them in a good direction.

The gift giving process between me and my husband is always a fun thing.  For Valentine’s Day and our anniversary we don’t give each other gifts.  We go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy it. For any other holidays we usually skip giving each other presents.  It isn’t in our nature.  For Christmas we seem to go all out for each other.  Though we tried really, really, hard to limit ourselves to just five presents each.

Hahahaha.  We were able to limit ourselves, but it wasn’t five presents.

Birthdays we get one present for each other – really though, my birthday falls within a month of Christmas so it gets rolled into the holidays.

Though, I’m sure as we get older our gift giving habits will change.


3 thoughts on “Gifts Giving Customs…of a Sort

  1. OMG… I can SO relate. My kids and I received the weirdest gifts from my parents over the years. They never bothered to even ask us what we wanted. Of course, now I over do and buy gift cards so the kids CAN buy what they want… but now I hear they want to be surprised… GULP! I’m so glad I’m not alone! Thanks for posting this!

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