Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks


[Side note #1:  I actually started this post about four months ago.  *shrugs*  What can I say?]

I have a great many notebooks, journals, and diaries. It started when I was young, maybe seven or eight years old. My mom bought me a diary that was straight out of the Hello Kitty line of highly priced things for young girls. 2015-04-10 19.39.23 As you can see, it was silver with a cute little graphic and of course, it had a lock that anyone with half a brain could break into. I wrote in it sporadically until I was ten. I think. I will have to open it and take a look.

My neighbor who was now my fifth grade teacher and she had us free write in a journal of our choosing for ten minutes a day. As long as we wrote something, she didn’t care what we wrote about. If we had something very important or troubling to tell her, we could write it to her in the journal and at least get it off our chest. Looking back, she was naturally giving those of us who might have run into trouble a way to tell someone about it without actually saying the words out loud.
2015-04-10 19.42.13 The two journals in this picture go hand in hand. The yellow journal is what I used for her class. After that grade was over, I just kept on writing. It was nice to know that I had some place to pour my little soul out.

2015-04-10 19.42.002015-04-10 19.42.25

These two journals I made myself. The one that looks like I made from an interoffice envelope was indeed made from an interoffice envelope. The other one I didn’t feel all the way – it was nearly 300 pages – and because of the bulk the thread holding it together broke. I couldn’t bear to continue to fray the thread…

2015-04-10 19.45.012015-04-10 19.44.01

I seem to have a knack for placing stickers on the covers of the journals, especially if they happen to be plain moleskin journals. Oh, hell. Let’s be truthful, I always doodling or glue things onto and inside my journals. I suppose one could say they are art journals, but that’s not how I see them. I’d say they would be fair to call them journaling scrapbooks.

I have a backlog of journals that I’ve created and will never sell or give to friends.  They’re all unique and I love them all…hence, my hesitance in setting up an etsy shop to sell them.

Oh, well.  Everyone needs a hobby, I should think.

Oh, before I sign off, I have one last question.  My current journal (moleskin, The Hobbit edition) is going to be ending soon.  Which journal do you think I should use next?

2015-04-10 19.38.58  The black and white journal I won in a raffle at work several years back.  I love the feel of the journal and the paper.  It’s heavy paper and won’t bleed onto the other side.  The one on the right is one that I created.  The pages are made from letterhead that my workplace was recycling.  And yes, those are heroines from all media on the cover.  I love them both but I can’t decide which one to use.  What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks

  1. I never kept journals as I was always afraid that someone would read them. Later, I learned that my brother kept journals starting with his late high school years until his death. Sadly, his journals had very little about his life — mostly affirmations or writings about the religion he was partaking in at that time.

    Frankly, I like both journals. I would go with the journal with the female action figures to remind you what a wonderful woman you are!

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