Music and Mixtapes


Oh, dear. I seem to write about music often, don’t I?

I’m sure I missed a couple of posts here and there that was tagged music.

Anyway, there’s always some sort of music going on in my life.  Growing up I had my radio playing constantly at night – it kept me company.  I’m sure my iPod has in some way saved my marriage. My husband doesn’t like to have noise when he is sleeping. Music drives him nuts when he’s going to sleep.  At my parents house, I have a loudly ticking clock in in my bedroom.  He makes me stop it so he can sleep.

(Guess who can’t sleep?)

At work, I have music playing and really this is to save my sanity.  My office shares a wall with a daycare and they are constantly playing music.  I can mark the hour by what song they are playing.  Everyone is surprised by how clearly I can hear their music.  I respond by saying just wait till you hear the music coming from the basement.

This month’s playlist is filled with all the 80s music I have.  I won’t drive you nuts by the song that’s currently in my head.  (It’s been featured several times.  I’m sure you spotted it among the posts I listed above.)  But here are some of the other songs listed in the playlist:

West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys

Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant (Can I just say that I love the guitar hook in this song?  Oh, and how about how strangely attractive Adam Ant is?)

Everlasting Love by Howard Jones

Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles

By the way, I remember The Bangles as the first tape I bought.  I have nothing but really good memories of this tape.  Every single song, I knew and sang along.

I have a friend who told me expressly not to sing along with the songs.  She wanted to hear the songs and not me singing.  *sigh*  That was very hard not to do, let me tell you.

One more…

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

I have a story to go along with this song…well, a short snippet actually.  My friend told my then boyfriend that I was the Christie Brinkley to his Billy Joel.  Think about for a minute when you listen to the song.  You can’t imagine how stunned we were at this implication.  If you need me to explain this further I will…later.

Right now, just enjoy the music.


3 thoughts on “Music and Mixtapes

  1. I LOOOVVVVVEEEE THIS!! I too love music as I enjoy dancing. I always have music playing in my car… except when my husband is with me. Yes, I’m older than you but in some ways… music… dance. — I didn’t grow up. Or I’m trying NOT to grow older. I listen to music when I am cooking in the kitchen. I don’t listen to music when I’m attempting to write…as THEN I Bee-Bop to the music and forget to write. I definitely enjoyed this post… fun music.

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  2. The only time I find myself listening to music is when I’m traveling. I can’t listen to it when I’m working, or when I’m relaxing because it distracts me or makes me feel like I should be doing something more productive. Sometimes I listen to it while I’m cleaning, but I tend to clean sporadically around the house, so unless I have my music clipped to my butt, I’m usually leaving it behind.

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