I am a quirky person.  There.  I’ve said it.

I like things a particular way and I seem to have a particular way of thinking.  But don’t we all have this?  Don’t we all have our little quirks?  It’s what makes us unique.   I know of a person who has a particular way of speaking and in that tone of voice, this person makes themselves seem more than they are.  It is off putting to a lot of people – me included.  But when does a quirk cross into something else?  That the quirk is no longer a quirk but a behavioral pattern meant to hurt others?  I’m not the best person to answer that question, I can tell you.  I suppose this person is making headway, but I’ve crossed into that territory that I don’t care anymore.

Hmmm, what I really should say is that I’m a little too close to the subject and cannot write coherently about this train of thought and perhaps, I should focus of what my quirks.

Yes, let’s do that, shall we?


A quirk is a peculiar behavioral habit; of which, I have many.

  • The shower curtain must be closed at all times.
  • I only like to drink water that’s come from the pitcher and served in a glass.
  • I love to walk around in stocking or bare feet whenever I can.  This includes the office. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had to stuff my shoes back on when I go to greet someone in the outer lobby.
  • I curse like a sailor and I try to be creative about it.

I could go on, but I won’t. It might depress me if I do. *shrugs*

Anyway, I’m sure others have more interesting quirks than I do.  What are they?


15 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. A quirk poll? A quirk poll? Oh, me! I’ve got a bunch!

    1. Cannot drink milk that’s been in my refrigerator longer than 1 day.
    2. When I’m not singing or talking and I want to otherwise communicate, I make cartoon-y little weird noises.
    3. If heat blows across my face, I’ll puke.
    4. I will not walk on the grass, ever.

    I hope everyone signs on to your page and comments with their quirks!

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      1. Well, as I’m the only one with this milk-rule, we buy half gallons…I don’t walk on grass because I think it is full of animal waste, and bugs. Also because it tickles my ankles and makes them itch.

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  2. I also have weird quirks. I kind of hope everyone does! Makes us feel a bit normal about them all. I think my weirdest ones are 1. The dishes that touch mouths, have to be washed in the dishwasher. 2. I can’t eat/look at/or be around seafood. I hate watching people eat it.


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