TBT: Time


Huh, time.  I wrote down on my list that I was going to write about “time” on a throwback Thursday.

But really, Charlie, time?  What in the world are you gonna write about has something to do with time and it being throwback Thursday.

I dunno, self, but shut up.  I’ll think of something.


Where was I?

Oh, right time.

I was a junior volunteer when I was in high school (junior volunteer = candy stripper).  I did a lot of things those five summers as a junior volunteer.  But most of my time was spent making beds and just talking to the people who were unlucky enough to be there.

Most of them were senior citizens.

They were very nice and were extremely happy that someone was taking time to listen to them.  Many of them offered me money for my time.  I politely turned them down.  Those that I couldn’t say no to, I was creative enough to stuff the money into their personal items before they left.  They felt good tipping me and I felt good for giving back the money.

Because you know, it was volunteer work.

Anyway, one day while I was changing the sheets on a bed, one of the nurses came in to help me – she must’ve been bored – we got to talking and she said to enjoy this time in your life because it’s only going to get faster and faster after it.

I took those words to heart, because oh my god she was right.  That was twenty plus years ago in reality, in my mind? About ten years ago.

So, yes, time it slips through one’s finger quickly.


4 thoughts on “TBT: Time

  1. Ohhhh trust me… the saying about life being like a roll of toilet paper going faster and faster is soooooooooooooo TRUE! Somehow I managed to turn 65 and I have NO CLUE HOW I GOT HERE SO FAST!! Savor what you have! Your post is SPOT ON!!! Great. By the way, I still think I’m about 25… maybe I’m delusional!!! 😉

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  2. Totally true. Aparently it’s because as we get older, there are fewer new things for our brains to process so when we look back over the day or the week, there’s not much to be reminded of so we think it went quickly. (Not sure I got that entirely right but I read about it somewhere).

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