Figures that I’d be a day late.  All day long, I thought about writing the post.

Hey Charlie, you need to write a post today.

Fuck it, I can do it later.


It’s later now, huh?


I have a variety of hobbies:  gaming (board and video), reading, rubber stamp collecting, yoga, biking, bookbinding, etc. etc. etc.  My one friend likes to make fun of me and my hobbies.  I pay him no mind, they aren’t his hobbies.

I like the variety in my life.  It’s like this post I wrote earlier, I’m eclectic and being eclectic it would only make sense that I have a variety of hobbies.  Yes, it is a variety but really it’s a limited variety.

Anyway, yeah.

Sorry for the short post.

My brain fizzled today.


5 thoughts on “Variety

  1. I thought it was just stamp collecting but it’s rubber stamp collecting? A totally different ball game! I missed the ‘eclectic’ post but just read it – I fully go along with that – can’t seem to stick to one style or genre of writing. Terrible, but what the hell.

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