This is what happens when I don’t queue something up.  Posts are late and I get flustered about what to write.  Apparently, though, I wrote “words” in my notebook, but unfortunately I didn’t write much else.


Anyway, being a writer I have a love of words…especially those long 75 cent words.  When my nieces and nephew were younger I spoke to them as I would anyone else, to be fair, I also spoke in that nonsense gibberish we’re all so fond of when talking to babies.  But more often than not, I would speak to them normally…that would include words that they wouldn’t normally hear (not the dirty kind).

Words like effervescent, ephemera, lugubrious, cacophony, sonorous, and ecstatic. Also to be fair, I had to look up half these words to make sure that I spelled them correctly.  My husband and I are big readers.  Our nightstands are filled with books.  Our dressers are piles of books on them.  We each carry a book with us whenever go out.  You don’t have to walk far in our house without running into some sort of book.

I hope we’re infusing our niblings with at least a fondness for words and books.  I guess only time will tell.


One thought on “Words

  1. Keep up the excellent work with the words with the munchkins. Hopefully they enjoy books too. I took Latin for five years… that helped me understand the words too! Actually, I learned more in my Latin class about English than in my English class.

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