I have a lot of feelings about the X-Files reboot or whatever they are calling it.  When the series first rolled around I was in college – a freshman to be exact – and this is how our Fridays rolled out…

  • Star Trek:  The Next Generation
  • The X-Files
  • One hour of us discussing both shows
  • Off to a weekly improv show (fun fact, that’s where I met most of my good friends and my husband…but as I am fond of writing, that’s for another post)

We did this pretty religiously during our freshman year of college.  I don’t remember what happened during our later years – drinking was rarely involved…well, for me anyway.

When I heard that they were rebooting the X-Files, I was very hesitant, well, I still am really.  I will fully hold my squees or groans until I actually see the first episode.  I am all for a continuation of the story (to a point – I’m looking at you, seasons 7, 8, and 9) but a reboot?


Very, very hesitant indeed.

Did you remember that they killed off the Lone Gunmen?  I don’t, because I had stopped watching.  LAF is very clear that she won’t be watching and I don’t blame her. I mean the movies were terrible.

Anyway, I will approach the series with a wary eye, thanks so much.


One thought on “X-Files

  1. I never watched the x-files. I’m more interested in the X-Factor but that didn’t go too far. Simon made a mess of it. The talent shows are fun and interesting. Hey, sometimes they even have great talent too!


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