[Side Note #1:  Man, I’ll be glad when this challenge is over.  I mean, it’s been fun, but I need a break.]

Jeez, oh, man.

Do I need to do some yoga.


I love doing yoga, it calms my mind, stretches muscles, and eases headaches/migraines.  But since the carpal tunnel flared up, doing yoga was difficult.  I have no excuses now, since I’ve been doing exercises to strengthen and open up the carpal passage (?).  I could do it in the morning, but I prefer exercise that will get the blood going.

I suppose I could do it in the evening after dinner…depending on the day.  My house isn’t a calm refuge sometimes. Sometimes it is filled with four kids – none of which are my own and two extra adults (both of which do not pay me rent.  But that is a different story.)  The only place that I am guaranteed some peace and quiet is the master bedroom, where my husband is found hanging out – especially if there are others in the house.

I know he doesn’t mind that I do yoga while he’s there, but you know, I don’t like forcing it on him, you know?

So, here are my favorite yoga poses:

  • Pigeon pose is my all time favorite. The stretching in the hips is just glorious to me.
  • Plank position
  • Half moon or ardha chandrasana.  This takes a lot of set up for me to get into, but I suppose that’s how it is with yoga, right?
  • Tree pose
  • Oh, any position that forces me to open up my shoulders is a plus.  That’s the seat of my tension.  I try not to hunch, but that’s almost an impossible task sometimes.
  • And last but not least, corpse pose.

So, there you go.  Now, I really, really, really, need to do some yoga.


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