Untitled #9: Tidbits

I don’t have enough of one topic to make it a proper post.  I have tidbits of several ideas that I’m clumping together.  That and I feel pretty scatterbrained writing wise at the moment.

  • I had a pretty disturbing dream last night,not like LAF’s dream from last night.  This one was very disturbing and monstrous and I was quite surprised that my subconscious could come up with something so very unlike me.  I suspect this had a hand in my dreams. I won’t go into details because really who wants to remember your bad dreams?
  • I had two writing prompts waiting for me yesterday.  I managed to turn both of them in mini fanfics.  *sigh*  Both were ridiculous.  One was Sherlock Holmes related and I’m pretty sure the other was Daredevil related.  So…you know. Fandoms rules my life.
  • I’m thinking about Mother’s Day.  Last year my mom said “I wish I could wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, but since you aren’t a mother…”  Yeah, thanks.  I believe I curtly told her “thank you” and hung up.  I expect this Mother’s Day to be equally painful with many references to the miscarriage.  Awesome.
  • The April A to Z Challenge is over.  The last three letters kicked my butt, not because they were the end (though that probably factored into it) but because i was a bit crispy at the end.  It’s also the reason why Z was so late and why I’m behind on the posts really.  I thought about jumping into another challenge, but I think I’ll wait till the summer to cleanse the palate.
  • I want to desperately take a time-out from life right now.  But I’m not quite sure if that’s me talking or the hormones talking.  I’ll have to reevaluate at the end of the week.

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