TBT: Identity

[Side note #1: As promised, I dug up an old post. Further thoughts will be written below…also, some minor adjustments will be made through the post.]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My husband told me today, that he thinks I will never be happy to be the desk jockey. The interaction with people will eventually drive me crazy. It’s true. People will always drive me to think about drinking. He says that my bent is towards the arts, whether it’s writing (Though, I just don’t think I have enough attention span for it…or enough time.) or creating art. I need to do something…solitary.

So, how does one “become” an artist? I mean, I can’t cast my hat into the wind and suddenly declare myself “an artist.” What does that exactly mean, anyway? And the practical side of me says, we need health care. We need my benefits. But to what cost?

Who knows.

Sorry, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. I don’t like being so…serious during the holiday season, but I realized that I’ve been very serious and well…not happy. It’s like someone has stolen my joy and replaced it with worry. And yes, I know that I can be a very grown-up and adult person, but I know how to balance it with humor and laughter.


Sorry for the downer of a post. Perhaps, I’ll write something happier tomorrow. Night y’all.

Oh, don’t forget to check out the post below this one.

[Side note #2:  The old blog is still kicking around.  I’ve locked it down so no one but myself can see it.]


One thought on “TBT: Identity

  1. Ugh, the eternal struggle. Funny how, in prior centuries, we couldn’t fit in creative time because we had to run a household. Now we have to bring home the bacon. Sometimes both. We can’t win…and yet, we keep trying…

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