Adventures + One Not So Awesome Event

Friday afternoon, I had an accidental adventure.  While driving to a store that I don’t often go to, I was detoured through a neighborhood that I wasn’t familiar with.  But all in all, it was a pleasant experience to “explore” a place that I wasn’t familiar with.  Okay, so it added an extra 45 minutes but you know…accidental adventure, you know?

Another intentional adventure was the vacant/abandoned homes tour that my friend and I went on yesterday.  There are nearly 700 empty homes/businesses in this one neighborhood near us.  Seriously, its only 15 minutes away but it’s above and beyond another world away from me.  If I had the money (or get the loan) I’d buy one of these houses and rehab it.  This neighborhood is fascinating and has been down on it’s luck for so long.

Afterwards, it was the usual Saturday adventures (read chores):  mowing the lawn, laundry, washing the car, etc.  Not an adventure, of course.

But we can’t all have adventures all the time.

I do not look forward to the weekly talk with my parents.  It’s Mother’s Day and “since I’m not a mother,” she can’t wish me a happy mother’s day.  I suppose miscarried babies don’t count, huh?


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