Prompts Tuesday: Levi, the Dog

25. Write about a pet that used to be in your life.

I miss my dog, Levi.

My pretty puppy, me the look that says,
My pretty puppy, Levi…giving me the look that says, “What?”

We let him go several years back (about three?) and that was one of the most heartbreaking things that we’ve ever done. His sickness came on just so…suddenly.  One day he was fine and healthy the next minute he couldn’t keep anything down and he was so miserable.  He knew his time was coming.  That happened on Monday evening.  By Saturday he was gone. We spent all day Friday with him, giving him as much love and affection as we could.  Saturday, before we loaded him into the car, the niblings came out to say goodbye to the puppy.  He licked each of them in turn and then looked at me.

As we sat in the waiting room, everyone told him that he was a good puppy, so well behaved and quiet.  His tail thumped once or twice before he laid down on the cool tiles.  When we were called, he dragged himself up and limped into the room where he laid back down on the tiles.  My husband and I sat down and hugged him as the vet gave him the sedative.

Levi licked our hands and closed his eyes.  The vet told us that his heart just stopped without giving him the other medication.  He was ready.

We were not.

We spent the next half hour crying and telling him that he was a good puppy.  Afterwards, we slipped his collar off, kissed his again and left.

Outside, the weather was bright, sunny, and sweet.


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