Untitled #11

I can’t think right now and therefore, I’m pausing today’s throwback Thursday.

When I get home, I might dig up a picture and post it.

I said might.

This headache has the potential to become a migraine.

Yah, for me.

I started suffering from migraines when I was seventeen – about the same time that I got my first kidney stone – and the episode that triggered it made my parents think that I had Meniere’s disease.  It was the constant vertigo that prompted that visit to the emergency room.  But that eventually went away only to have my first migraine attack.  I remember being in my parents bedroom, barely able to hold it together.  The pain was pulsating, the light hurt, the warmth hurt.

Everything hurt.

I don’t get auras – though it would be useful; it just goes straight into a migraine.  I take my generic imatrex and go lay down in my bedroom with the lights off, the blinds and curtains closed with a blindfold on my eyes.  Oh, and the colder the better.

I don’t know.  Maybe I need to chug more water.  Eat my lunch, maybe?


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