Clothing from the 90s

As soon as I finished reading this article my hands started flying all over the place in what I could only describe as a cross between squee, nostalgia, and ohmygodIhavetowriteaboutthisnow.

Can we talk about some things?

  1. I still wear plaid. As evidenced by this piece I wrote. And you know? I maybe, perhaps wish that plaid would make a come back. Okay? Okay.
  2. DOC MARTENS NEVER WENT OUT OF STYLE FOR ME. I just can’t afford a pair of brand spanking new ankle boots, okay? Okay. A friend of mine at work scored a pair of these babies at a thrift store. Yes, you read that right. At a fucking thrift store. I can only imagine that the original owners of said Docs didn’t understand that they were giving away.
  3. I have never liked babydoll or skintight dresses. Well, let’s clarify that statement, shall we? I’m not very into dresses period. Skirts are okay but I have to be in the mood to wear a skirt. Yes, yes, yes. I understand that it’s cooler (temperature wise) when you wear a dress, but I can’t be bothered. Perhaps, there might be a traumatic event in my past that led to my distinct disinterest in dresses…this may or may not be written about in the future. (It probably totally will.)
  4. Jean overalls. OH MY GOD. THESE WERE HIDEOUS THEN AND THEY ARE STILL. I have a friend who really, really, really wants his significant others to wear jean overalls. Really? Really?? First of all, they aren’t your personal barbie dolls. Second of all, why don’t you wear those jean overalls? Third of all, no. This friend may be the same one who wants to make a carpet out of my hair. Gross. Again, this is a topic of another day…because issues!
  5. Bodysuits. No. A thousand times no. How are you supposed to get out of that thing when you need to pee?
  6. Skorts still seem to be a thing. I’ve seen them. I’d rather wear the shorts, thank you.

I wasn’t particularly comfortable in my own skin in the 90s. I still have my moments now. But in the 90s I liked to wear my clothing baggy and a size or two too big. I didn’t want anyone looking at me. Hard to do, since I was one of five non-white students in my high school and my mom was a doctor that everyone seemed to know.

So, yeah.  Plaid needs to come back.  Or I just have to care less about what people think and incorporate more plaid into my wardrobe.  🙂


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