Prompts Tuesday

“Give yourself permission to write crap.  Because we all do it.  But you gotta write the crap.  Use it to fertilize the idea so that it grows.”
— Stephen Cannell

Today’s prompt really tells me to get off my snack-well ass and get to writing.  Since the April A to Z challenge ended, I’ve been at writing odds.  Well, not really odds per se, but I haven’t had the motivation to write.  I also blame the fact that I haven’t been getting together with my writer friends as well…because you know, life.  But we’re (hopefully) meeting on Thursday night and hopefully that will reignite that creative spark.

If not, at least we’ll get together and have a bitch session.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and it’s also Primaries here and I’m going to do my civic duty and go vote.

Oh, and hey, if it’s primaries where you live, go vote.


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