100 Years of Filipino Beauty

The first thing I thought when I saw this video was did they deliberately lighten and whiten her skin?

The answer is yes.  Yes, they did.  Because that’s the trend and has been for quite some time and explains so so much of my mother’s obsession with me remaining out of the sun.  It also explains why when I catch a Filipino program none of them have my darker skin tone.

Let me tell you angry this makes me.  I’ll never be as light skinned as them.  Nor do I want to be.  If you want to, that’s cool.  Do what you want with your body.  Just don’t push it on me.  I can only be myself.


I had enough self-esteem issues growing up, most of which I am just now finding a way out of the woods.  No, I’ll never be light, thin, demure enough for my mother and yes it is unfair for her to place all those expectations on me as a kid.  But I’m an adult and shouldn’t I be past it?

Apparently, not.


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