Mix Tape: Circa 1996

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mix Tape.”

I do love my mix tapes.

By the way, I’m tweaking the original prompt for my own purposes.

[insert maniacal laughter]

This playlist was originally a mix tape; I mean a literal mix tape.  I created it the summer after my freshman year of college.  I took an ecology class (you know, back when I was still naive enough to believe that I was going to become a doctor) up in Pymatuning State Park (Where the ducks walk on the fish‎).  I didn’t enjoy it.  It was May but damn it was still cold.  And yes, fine the ducks did walk all over the fish but that was just freaky.  One day, I might go back just to see it but not today.

Anyway, my freshman year was the first time I was away from my parents for an extended amount of time.  I met really good friends there, found my voice, and perhaps met my husband.  Okay, there’s not “perhaps” in it.  I met him.  But that’s for another story.  One that I’ll recount closer to my ten year anniversary – in mere months I might add.

So, here’s the mix tape, which I called This is Not Theatre!:

(Side A)

  1. Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies (One of my friends called this my theme song.  I renamed my guitar Pixie in honor of her.)
  2. What Would You Say – Dave Matthews Band (My second roommate, besides being a stoner, loved DMB.  I liked them but never as much as Serena did.)
  3. BIrdhouse in Your Soul – They Might Be Giants (The friend who told me about my theme song, her eventual wife got me into TMBG.  There was a vendor outside the student union who sold bootleg tapes.  One of them was a live show from TMBG.  Every time they are in two, which happens about every year to two years, we go.  Because, yeah.)
  4. Wolves, Lower – R.E.M. (I’ve loved them long before college.  This was nothing new.)
  5. I’ll Follow the Sun – The Beatles  (Same for the Beatles.  Seriously.  They were my band growing up)
  6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me – U2  (I believe that really terrible Batman movie came out somewhere near this time?  I liked this song from the movie.  I believe it was the only thing that I liked about it.)
  7. Closer to Fine – The Indigo Girls (Another band that followed me from high school.  Not a surprise they made it to the mix tape.)
  8. Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots (This was and continues to be a great song to roll the windows down, crank up, and drive down the actual literal interstate to.  I’ve done it many times.)
  9. Little Green Bag – George Baker Selection  (And weren’t we all suddenly Quinton Tarintino fans in college?)
  10. Sure Shot – Beastie Boys  (I have no idea.  Suddenly, the Beastie Boys were a favorite.  I’ll blame one of my college friends.)
  11. After Midnight – Eric Clapton (Completely, and utterly related to the improv comedy show where I met my best and closest friends.  Hands down.  Those Friday nights were the best experiences of my college life.  That and finally getting my own room in one of the towers.)
  12. Pocket Watch – Blogurt  (Again, directly related to that quirky improv show that figured so huge and impacted my life.)

(Side B)

  1. Dvorak:  Slavnoic Dances, Op 46, B172 – #1 in C (My beautiful friend – seriously she was blond and willowy.  She’d blush if I told her that now.  – gave me a cd that was strictly Dvorak’s Slavnoic Dances.  I loved it then and guess, what?  I still love it now.
  2. Losing my Religion – R.E.M.
  3. La La Love You – Pixies (Yeah, the Pixies also figured heavily into my freshman year.)
  4. I Just Wanna Get Along – The Breeders
  5. Sabotage – Beastie Boys
  6. Least Complicated – The Indigo Girls  (Actually, this was more of a high school song and figured into my first boyfriend and first kiss.)
  7. Tame – Pixies
  8. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) – The Beatles
  9. Buddy Holly – Weezer (The Blue Album!!!)
  10. Hey – Pixies
  11. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants
  12. Twisting – They Might Be Giants  (She wants to see you again/(She wants)/She wants to see you again/Slowly twisting/(Twisting, twisting)/In the wind/(Twisting) – A fuck you after our break-up song.)
  13. Particle Man – They Might Be Giants
  14. Skyler – Brad Yoder (Oh, Brad.  🙂  A coffee shop staple.  Go to the local coffee shop, order my whipped cow, study and listen to Brad.)
  15. Divine Hammer – The Breeders
  16. Debaser – Pixies


Hmm, perhaps, I should just recreate it on spotify?


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