Typical Morning


6:00 am – The alarm goes off

6:05 am – The alarm goes off again

6:10: am – Guess what?  Oh, yeah.

6:15 am – I finally, finally get up after my husband grumbles and asks me if that’s his alarm.  

6:20 am – Start my exercise, usually a walking video.  I should say that I also turn on the tv to catch up on the news.  The exercise video is on my laptop.

6:30 am – I wake my husband.

6:50 am – Shower

7:00 am – Wake my nibling, if she’s here.  She’s here for half the week before she goes to her mom’s.

7:10 am – Get dressed and when I mean by “get dressed,” I actually mean stand in front of my closet and painstakingly decide what it is I want to wear that day.

7:30 am – Breakfast.  It varies, depending on what’s in the house.

7:50 am – Stare and contemplate doing some quick chores.  This happens most days.  I usually aim for picking up the clutter.  I hate clutter.

8:30 am – Leave for work

8:40 am – Sit in a bit of traffic and sing to whatever’s on my ipod.

9:00 am – I get to work, greeting everyone as I walk up the ramp to my office.  It sounds like a reverse of The Waltons (and if you know who the Waltons were, then congratulations.  You were alive during a certain period of time in the US and know my reference.)

9:10 am – Settle in

9:20 am – The interruptions start…or “work”

10:30 am – Move

1045 am – “Work” or interruptions

12:00 pm – lunch


And that people is my typical working weekday.  My weekend mornings don’t start till 8 or 9 am.

I suspect that most people have more interruptions than work.  I sometimes lovingly call these interruptions “putting out the fires.”


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