Prompts Tuesday: Childhood Books

I’ve talked about my childhood books before (see yesterday’s post) so, for today’s prompt I decided to answer it in this post.

The book, or really set of books that I got me into reading was a Nancy Drew mystery. The Clue in the Diary, I believe. If you read enough Nancy Drew books, they all followed the same formula. I didn’t mind, naturally, I read many of them.

I didn’t stop there.  I moved on to Agatha Christie (sprinkled in with age appropriate books) mysteries.  The mysteries featuring Hercule Poirot. I do not mind (*SPOILERS*) telling you that at the end of Curtain I cried. I mean, big huge tears. I was inconsolable for days. It makes me a little weepy thinking about it.

Anyway, I found my copy of Charlotte’s Web and I still love it as much as I did when I first read the book. The pages are yellow and brittle; the cover is ripping (I need to reinforce it with tape); and I wrote my name in it when I first read it. I remember being sprawled on my bed with my face deep in the book. I don’t remember how long it took me to read it, but I can guarantee you that I will read it faster. 😉

I know I got some strange looks today while I read it during lunch.  I don’t care. I’m enjoying the book.


2 thoughts on “Prompts Tuesday: Childhood Books

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