Untitled #15: Pain/Bliss


My back betrays me.

Or maybe it’s the bed.

Or maybe it’s age.

No. It’s the bed.  Definitely the bed.

I had a proper post but had to abandon the laptop in favor of my phone and laying on my back.  Not how I thought I would spend my Monday night but there you are.

My husband calls us quite a pair.  He is still getting used to his new meds.  He glances at me every once in a while in sympathy.  He has no real answers and I am unwilling to take another “super” ibuprofen so close to the first one.

[Side note #1:  My apologies for any mistakes.  Typing a post on my semi-smart phone is difficult.]

Where was I?  Oh, yes.

The back pain.  Who knows how I tweaked it but I can tell you that my rest day will come one day sooner than usual.

Okay.  Enough from me.

No!  Wait!!  I never said anything about bliss.

Yesterday I did outdoor yoga with LAF. She wrote about it and I would link you to it but you know…phone.

For the most part doing outdoor yoga is a joy.  Until the sun decides to show up and reminds you that the mat is not natural and will hurt hour feet.

But the rain came and brought back our bliss.   Wiping the heat away and cooling our skin.  Beautiful, beautiful bliss.


Now you can go.


2 thoughts on “Untitled #15: Pain/Bliss

  1. Sorry you are dealing with that back pain. I’ve recently experienced a couple weeks long bouts with that and it is no fun at all. And it ruins one’s day. And it makes me at least, want to just distract myself with tv and movies and not write.

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    1. The heating pad yesterday was my best friend. Seriously. I’d love to know what exactly I *did* to tweak my back, but it’s feeling much better today. Okay, so, I’ll be honest I *may* have mowed the lawn yesterday when I thought I could do it. But luckily, my hubris didn’t get the best of me today. Though, one day, I know it will. šŸ˜‰


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