Bake/No Bake

I made a no bake key lime pie the other day. This one actually. I don’t bake. Baking takes more precise measurements and I prefer just throwing stuff into pots or pans and seeing what comes out. My husband, he’s biased, says that I’m the best cook that he’s ever met.

Like I said, biased.

Anyway, I don’t really enjoy baking as much as I love cooking.  With baking you have to be so precise and when I’m cooking I just throw everything together. Unless, of course, I’m making something for the very first time.  Then the recipe will be followed to a tee.

I can’t just throw everything together in baking.  Get one thing off and it ruins the entire thing.  I don’t like it.

I suppose it’s a secret fourth goal of the summer to do more baking.  I plan on baking a bread this weekend.  We’ll see if the weather cooperates with me, however.  Our house doesn’t have AC and it’s been pretty sultry the past two weeks.  (There’s only so much this tropical descendent can take.)

There are two places on the internet that I like to keep my recipes: Pinterest and Pepperplate.  Pinterest holds the recipes I’m interested in trying and Pepperplate is the place where the recipes that I’ve tried (and liked) live.

Any suggestions of what else I can try this weekend?


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