Prompts Tuesday: Color Writing Prompts

I have an extensive list of prompts; whether they’re hanging out in a Google Docs page, on my pinterest board or in an Evernote notebook, the point is I have many prompts.  I found this color writing prompt in google docs.  I probably will answer on question every Tuesday.  But if you’d like to play along, please feel free to lift the questions and answer them for yourself.

Just be sure to let me know so I can make sure to read along.

And now the questions.

Red: When and how did you first realize you loved writing?

Orange: Who is your greatest literary inspiration and why?

Yellow: What is your favorite writing style?

Green: Whose style do you imitate the most?

Blue: What is your favorite genre/subject on which to write?

indigo: What do you think is the greatest flaw in your writing?

Violet: What is your favorite thing about your writing?

Pink: What attracts you to writing in general? Why do you love it?

Silver: Top three sources of inspiration.

Black: Your dreams: be published, critical success, what?

Lemon: Do you write fanfic? If so, what is your genre? OTP?

Lime: What are some of the most prevalent themes in your work?

Brown: Three favorite novels

Rainbow: Three favorite authors.

White: Weirdest thing you’ve ever written.


Red: When and how did you first realize you loved writing?

I’ve written about this before. Take a look at it to get caught up.

So, okay. My mom is a doctor…even though technically she is retired she still does locum tenens work, which roughly translate from the Latin as place holder for doctors while they go on vacation etc. I think she’s still an acting medical director for a correctional facility in the midwest.

Anyway, back on track.

My mom would get all sorts of samples in the mail.  My favorites were those daily agendas.  I’d grab one of those and make it my writing journal…which I thought was going to be a novel but ended up being a lot of starts and stops while I fleshed things out in my head.  Yes, that should’ve gone on paper.  But I was nine, what are you going to do?

When I entered the sixth grade I started writing friend fic, which I totally didn’t know as a thing until I did a search just now.


Anyway, I wrote 50 handwritten pages on legal sized paper about the adventures my friends and I went on. Let me reiterate this part. Fifty handwritten pages on legal sized paper. It was kept in a soft green vinyl notebook and I worked on it for most of sixth grade.

And then I was done. Embarrassed by what I wrote. Who exactly was I going to show this to? Certainly, not my friends. God forbid, my parents. Teachers were out – some of them were in the damn thing! But what, Charlie, what did you do with it?

Well, I did what every panicky twelve-year-old would do.

I threw it away. Whole hog. Notebook and all. Straight into the trash. Not the home trash, mind you. I chose the trash at the hospital where my mom worked. Gone. All gone. Out of sight, out of mind.

Until the day that I greatly wished that I had kept it. Days like today when I just want to see what I wrote; just to say that yes, this is where my love of writing started. Right here.

But all I can do is point at other stuff, later stuff and say I wrote this. I don’t hate it.

I think this is why I keep so much of my writing now.  Even if it’s complete and utter crap – which most of it is – I want to have some sort of record.  Something to remind myself that yes, I am a writer.  Deal with it.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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