Prompts Tuesday: The Orange Question

It’s late Tuesday! I’ll be continuing on with this prompt from last week.

I’ll give you a minute to reread it if you’ve forgotten.



Orange: Who is your greatest literary inspiration and why?

Er…hmmm, this changes, you know?  It depends on my mood, the general things going on in my life, the time period, etc.  A few years ago, I was deep into rereading several Stephen King novels; which would, naturally, influence my writing.  I wrote a reiteration of the ever-going house story that came out with a supernatural vibe.  Seriously, that was the first thing someone in my now defunct writing group said.  It was spooky…despite the fact that it was a true story (not that true stories can’t be spooky) and that I hadn’t intended it to become spooky.

When I was in the eighth grade (I think I was fourteen), I wrote a story about a girl who didn’t know that she died and at the end of the story was given a second chance to save her own life.  I wrote it for English class and lost a writing competition to a friend. His story was about Santa Claus.  I don’t remember specifics but I remember thinking it was pretty clever.

As for my own story, I noticed that I was in a writing trend where the next several stories pretty much followed the same original story.  Really, I think my subconsciousness wanted to rewrite the story until I found something that worked.  (But if I’m being really, really honest, I think I’ve been trying to rewrite it for the past several years.  *shrugs*)

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


8 thoughts on “Prompts Tuesday: The Orange Question

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